The Vyth’Ghik, or Steel Orcs, were once part of the tribes in the north. Lead south by the once outcast Kurth Blackthrone these orcs have fought their way through the plains, forests, and badlands to settle in what was once human lands in the south east. The city, now called Blackthorne, has been rebuilt and now holds one of, if not, the most powerful nation in Edar. The Vyth’Ghik also relate themselves to fire, but unlike their old kinsmen who are explosive, the Vyth’Ghik are focused, and as a result, arguably more powerful. Although this nation is primarily made of Ghik, it is possible for any other race to take Nation Traits from the Vyth’Ghik.

Nation Traits

  • Master Training: Skill Focus: Any – The Vyth’s primary attitude of focusing passion resulted in an increased education, and as a result, each Vyth focuses studies on a particular skill.
  • Focused Passion: Once a day add HD to BAB, Dodge AC or Skill Check. – Another result of their focused training allows the Vyth to push their normal limits for a short time, without fear of any physical drawbacks.
  • Heirloom: Gain a Masterwork weapon, and proficiency to use it. – The Vyth’Ghik often have masterwork weapons that they pass down through their family to those that earn them that could date back to even before they left the Tribes.
    Vyth’Ghik also gain one of the following racial traits;
  • Troll Hide: +1 Regeneration – This Vyth was born a troll, and as a result regenerates faster than normal. This also elevates their status in society as they live longer and can survive more.
  • Iajutsu Training: Intelligence or Wisdom modifier as well as Dexterity modifier on initiative rolls. – The Iajutsu master has trained to react first to signs of danger.
  • Way of the Sword: Weapon Focus: Any – Trained in the use of a specific weapon (usually a katana)the Vyth also counts as a Fighter for determining Fighter specific feats.
  • Will of Fire: Once a day a Vyth’Ghik may focus all of their firey passion into a single attack. They appear to be cloaked in ghostly flames, and deal their HD is Magic/Fire damage on their next successful attack.
  • Way of the Pen: Skill Focus: Any – This Vyth’Ghik has taken their studies very seriously, and has opted to focus in more than one school of study.
  • Mind Walker: Gain 1 Ki Point as a first level Monk. If the character already has Monk levels, add 1 Ki per level.

Blackthorne City

Blackthorne city was once the capitol of the Edarian people. Its high walls and towering castle sit atop a cliff overlooking the sea. Since the city was taken over, however, many of the towers have fallen and in their place are new structures.
Blackthorne City has become a huge trading center since the orcs have taken it. Accepting all the once out-cast people of the area. The city has thus been divided into several sections consisting of the Slums, Ixian Quarter, Merchants District, Docks and the farmlands located outside the walls. The Merchants District is located at the center of the city, in a ring around the castle. It is where most, if not all, the shops are located and is also the most heavily policed.
They style of the city has also changed. Many of the old statues of angles and demons has been replaced with heroes, and muses. New buildings add a whole new flair of passionate artwork to the city and even some of the old structures have new attachments that compliment the old style with the new orcish one.


When Kurth Blackthorne gathered the members of the tribes that he had he told them that the Usk’Ghik, or Iron Orcs, were raw ore. Hard, sharp, but unshaped. He told them that they were akin to fire and that the Iron Orcs were explosive fire. Powerful, forceful, spreading outwards and leaving a large, lasting mark. But to advance the orcish people needed to change their form. He convinced them to shape themselves into something different. To focus their fire into lightning. Even more powerful, quick, and impressive than fire. It was with this that the Steel Orcs, or the Vyth’Ghik were born, and with only a few thousand, they marched south over the mountains to find a new home.
Many years have passed, and in that time the Vyth have made their own culture, unique to themselves. The Vyth are a very focused, and disciplined people. They focus all their energy into mastering one thing, be it a weapon, a school of magic, or an art. Most professions are considered art forms because of the level of passion each artist puts into their work.
The Vyths focus in a single craft, art or skill often leaves them lacking in other skills, but many find this to be moot, as there is always a master around to help. Because of this their industry is slow moving as well. Products take a long time to craft, and are usually high value. This results in an odd economy, where the richest are crafters, possessing little coin but wealth in goods, or those who save their money and buy little.
The Vyth’s focus on focus makes them, as a people, very polite, Which is odd to see when compared to their appearance, and stature. It also keeps them in check of their emotions, and only rarely do they lash out wildly.


The typical school life of a Vyth’Ghik last about 16 years, starting in the spring that the student to be can both walk, and speak. This is, on average, about 3-5 years of age. The first years of school are spent teaching the basics of social interaction, music and art. Later years tackle more complex subjects like math, philosophy, war tactics and science.

Favored Class

  • Monk: +1 to the monk’s CMD when resisting a grapple and +1/2 to the number of stunning attacks he can attempt per day.
    The balance that the Vyth’Ghik seek is often found through intense training and soul searching. This makes the monk a common class among the people, and one that is highly respected.
  • Fighter: Add a +2 bonus on rolls to stabilize when dying.
    Most Vyth’Ghik still take to their violent ways, but as Fighters they are focused, and trained hard. These Vyth’Ghik believe skill outshines natural ability.
  • Bard: Add +1 to the bard’s total number of bardic performance rounds per day.
    Those that do not take to the life of a soldier, or the intense discipline of the monk often are drawn to the carefree and inspiring nature of a bard. Expressing their inner fire with song and pen, in place of shout and blade.


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