Playable Races

Each other the following is a representation of a race associated with their main nation or organization. It is possible to mix and match races and nations. For example a human may be raised in the city of Blackthorne, the capital city of the Vyth’Ghik. This means that you take the racial abilities of the Human, and choose a trait from the Vyth’Ghik’s additional traits.

- Ghik: Orcs are seen as the strongest of the races, and the most driven by their emotions and primal instincts. If the humans of this world could be compared to a shield than the orcs are the sword.

- Usk’Ghik: This group of Orcs are the oldest, consisting of dozens of broken tribes scattered through the north.

- Vyth’Ghik: This faction of orcs are fairly new to the world, and have moved the the south east away from the frozen north to distinguished and reforge themselves.

- Humans: Humans are some of the most versitile and hardy people in the world. They have lived through the most difficult of situations and thrived. This group of Humans represents the base race, that exists in scattered settlements throughout the world.

- Edarian: These humans have been at war with almost every other race for as long as they remember. Pushed to near extinction by the Vyth’Ghik they struggle to re-establish themselves.

- Ixenian: The humans who shunned the gods and moved south toward the deserts. Unlike their ancestors they value new ideas, growth and innovation and have brought a technological boom to the world.

- Rhyvos: This group of nomadic minotaurs roam the world in a long, year long migration. Shamanistic in nature, the Rhyvos care deeply for the land they walk through.

- Throden: This race is made up of humanoid mice and rats who spent most of their history fleeing the humans of Edaria. Curious, and frigidity, this small race is coming out of hiding to show the world they are men, not mice.

- Vaekin: These people are the result of human and vaecaesin “breeding”. The Vaekin are outsiders to all people and often have a hard time finding a reason to go on. However, those that do find their mixed parentage is a powerful gift.

- Constroid: These people are made, not born. The result of experimentation years ago, the Constroid are living machienes. Focused more on understanding the world, life and its meaning, the Constroid are never-resting introspective thinkers. A stark contrast to what they were made to be.

- Aesthyrian: The Aesthyr is a large country located in the center of the Hoyen region that is ruled by the golden dragon Litrix’Svent. Although the nation has many different people living in it, its most differentiating feature is the Baeshra – Monsterous animals that work and live with the people.

- Kosstrix: This race of lizardfolk are the most common to interact with other races. Although primitive, they are wise, fierce, cunning and many.

- Khazak: These people come from another plane and were mysteriously dumped into this world on the side of a mountain. Lucky for them as the mountain is their perfect home. Slow, short, and wise, these “Dwarves” are linked to the land more than any other.

- Kapari: This race of people share the eastern coasts with the humans and ghik. For many years the kapari have only occasionally visited the other races, having kept themselves hidden and secluded on their island. The turtle-like kapari adopted a culture matching that of the old humans closest to them.

- Un’Gothma: The Un’Gothma are a race of sentient plant people. Roaming in herds through the jungles of the west these quadrupedal creatures spend their time tending to the land. Un’Gothma are grown to fit a roll, and are very adjustable in their builds. Un’Gothma often travel as adventures to see and tend to the rest of the land.

- Koriki: The Koriki are a small race of humanoids that live deep in the wilds where many other people do not travel. The Koriki people can be found all over the world, and often spread out to adventure.

Non-Player Races

- Vaecaesin: Vaecaesin are a race unlike any other. Humanoid in appearance, these creatures are dream-like, feeding off emotion while never really understanding it. Only recently have they decided to come out of the shadows to try and understand the world they suddenly came to exist in.

- Darastrix: This race has all but been lost to the rest of the world. Only the Constroid have any records that these reptilian creatures ever existed, and many believe them to be the creator race.


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