The Great Duir Trees Several of these tall and anchient trees stand throughout the world. Each holding secrets of ages past, and housing a order of druids dedicated to their protection.

Dragon’s Tail IslandsThis chain of islands is found in the north-west, and starts at Constroid, home of the Constroid, and continues north and west to a large, unexplored continent.

The Arch This massive stone structure has been a staple in the central plains for hundreds of thousands of years. No one know who built the 200 foot tall and wide arch or when, but the research that people have dedicated to it has spawned a small city.

Howling Wolf Caverns Howling Wolf Caverns is actually a single, massive, carving in the side of a mountain that leads deep down inside. Little is known about who carved the structure, or why, but it is currently over-run with monsters of all kinds.


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