Pathfinder Zero

Pathfinder Zero is a system I have been working on that involves reducing all the numbers in the game down to a minimum. This results in heroes having a lower AB, HP, AC, SP but Saves, Feats, Spells and Abilities stay the same. This results in a much more difficult game without loosing a lot of the flare and heroicness that is supposed to be found in every PC.

Attack Bonus: Stop Trying to Hit It and Hit It.

The new rules for AB are simple. As before all classes are divided into High, Medium and Low Attack bonuses.

  • High Attack Bonus: Classes like the Fighter, Ranger, Barbarian and Paladins BAB will progress as such; Start with a BAB of + 1. Every 3 levels this BAB increases by 1. Each time the AB increases the character gains a secondary attack.

For instance: A first level Fighter will have a BAB of + 1. At Third Level that will increase to +2/ +1. At 6th level that will increase to +3/ +2/ +1. At 20th level a Fighter will have a BAB of +6/ +5/ +4/ +3/ +2/ +1.

  • Medium Attack Bonus: Classes like the Rogue, Bard, Cleric, and Druid’s BAB will proceed as such; Classes will start with a + 0 BAB and will increase this number to + 1 at Fourth Level. Every time the BAB increases the class also gain a secondary attack with the previous bonus.

For instance: A Rogue will start play with a BAB of + 0 and at Fourth Level this will change to a +1. At Eighth level this will increase again to +2/ +1/ +0. At 20th level a Rogue should have a BAB of +4/ +3/ +2/ +1/ +0

  • Low Attack Bonus: Classes with a low BAB like the Wizard or Sorcerer will proceed as such; The class will start with a BAB of + 0 and will increase this number by + 1 every Five Levels. Each time the BAB increases the class also gain an extra attack.

For instance: A Sorcerer will start with a BAB of + 0 and at Fifth Level this will increase to a +1/ +0 at Tenth and again to a +2/ +1/ +0 at Fifteenth and finally a level 20 Sorcerers BAB should be +3/ +2/ +1/ +0.

Hit Points and Skill Points: Lerning is Hard

Calculating the new Hit Points and Skill Points of a class is easy. At first level nothing is changed. Characters still get their Max HP from their chosen Hit Die (Fighters get d10, Rogues get d6) as well as their normal skill points plus intelligence modifier. (Fighters get 2+Int, Rogues get 8+Int) However, after first level Hit Points only increase by the characters Constitution Mod (Minimum of 1) and Skill Points increase by the characters Intelligence Mod (Minimum of 1)

Spells: Magic is Everywhere

Magic conversion is going to be the most difficult to follow, so I hope this is laid out in a manner that makes sense.
Most classes have characters learning a new Spell Level every other level. In Pathfinder Zero a character only learns their next Spell Level every 4 Levels. This caps the highest spells in the game to 6th Level Spells known by Sorcerers and Wizards.

Spells Per Day and Spells Known otherwise progress as normal for that level. Except when it comes to the new Spell Level. For instance; A normal fifth level a sorcerer can cast 6 First Level Spells, and 4 Second Level spells a day. In Pathfinder Zero that sorcerer can still cast 6 First Level Spells, but because they just learned second level spells this level, they can only cast 3 Second Level Spells. This caps the Total Spells cast per day, and Spell Level known for sorcerers of 20th level at 6 Spells Per Day at every level, up to 6th Level Spells.

This proceeds the same for other Spell casting classes as well. Spells Known/Available advances normally, while Spell Level is reduced to increasing every 4 levels. This Caps the Maximum Spell Level at 6th for Druids, Clerics, Wizards, and Sorcerers, while capping the spell level max for Rangers, Paladins, and Bards at 4th Levels Spells which become available near the end of their careers.

Everything Else

  • Everything else, like Saves, Feats, Stats, Class Abilities proceed as normal. The only other thing to mention is that Magic Items are capped at + 3 Bonuses. This means that Minor Magical Items (+ 1Bonus) are easy enough to find as an adventuring hero, but still valuable and rare. Moderate Magical Items (+ 2Bonus) are items of worth, probably owned by heroes of the past, or crafted by legends. While Major Magical Items (+ 3Bonus) are artifacts of legend, often lost or hidden away. This allows for characters Armor Class to stay low, and within the normal means for AB progression to stay challenging. Spells from a caster still act normally and can increase a characters AC or BAB to legendary prowess, if only for a short time.*

Pathfinder Zero

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