The Nations of the World

Aesthyr: This nation is ruled by the golden dragon Litriz’Svent. Located in the central southern continent known as Hoyan in the Sunkissed Desert Litrix’Svent is the last known dragon alive and commands a small, but powerful nation made up mostly of humans.

Edaria: This is the nation of Edarians confined mainly to the massive city of Whitecastle. Ruled over by a council of bishops the citizens of Edaria are peaceful to themselves, but aggressive to all others. Only recently have they begun to settle and withdraw to lick their wounds.

Ixenia: The nation, or gathering of city-states, of Ixenia once was part of Edaria, but during their war with the Blackthorne Orcs many of the people moved south to start new lives without the interference of outsiders like deities. Now they boast the second smallest, but most advanced nation in the world.

The Crown of the World: The Crown of the World is the name to the mountain range that divides the snow covered arctic lands from the rest of the north. It is also the name of the area north of these mountains that are controlled by the many tribes of the Usk’Ghik

Blackthorne: Blackthorne is the name of the nation under the rule of Kurth Blackthorne, the leader of the Vyth’Ghik. Much of the land was once ruled by the nation of Edaria, but after winning the war Kurth divided the land up between himself, the people of Ixenia and left some of the land to the Rhyvos

The Journ: The Journ, or Journey is the name given to the large plot of land used by the traveling nation of Rhyvos that takes up most of the great plains of central Edar. Although the Herd doesn’t see itself as a true nation like the others, it is often referred to as one by its neighbors.

Aujir: The name of both the people and the nation, the Aujir make up one of the largest nations in the world. Taking up large portions of Hoyan not controlled by the Aesthyr the Aujir, though peaceful and curious by nature, are often at war with gnolls, lizardfolk and other monstrous creatures.


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