The Kosstrix are a particular tribe of lizardfolk that live in a wide territory that is constantly shifting due to conflicts with others both lizardfolk and not. Over the many long years that the Kosstrix have lived one thing has remained constant about their tribe; their unity. For whatever reason over the years the Kosstrix have remained relatively united and as a result, even through their constant conflicts, they have steadily grown into what some may consider a nation. The only thing that really separates them from the other lizardfolk is their willingness to work with other races. Aside from this, often shaky, alliance with their neighbors, the Kosstrix are still as fiercely territorial, proud, and cunning as their cousins.


Kosstrix count as both Half-Orc and Lizardfolk when determining racial prerequisites. In addition, the follow represents two types of Kosstrix; High-Blood and Low-Blood
Low-Blood Kosstrix recieve the following stats;

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex and +2 Con, but suffer a -4 to Int. Kosstrix are strong and have quick reflexes and are naturally durable, but lack higher learning capabilities.
  • +2 Natural Armor Bonus from the scales of a Kosstrix.
  • +2 Perception Skill Check due to their heightend senses.
  • Natural Attacks: Kosstrix have a powerful set of natural weapons at their disposal that they are trained with from birth. Bite – d6, and Claw – d4

High Bloods High-Bloods are a group of Kosstrix that display magical aptitude that their culture relates to having a closer connection with their draconian heritage. As a result these members of the tribes are given a much better education than their peers.

  • High-Bloods gain +2 Int and + Cha and +2 Wis, and suffer a -2 Str and Con. The Highbloods are far more intelligent, wise and personable, but lack the physical power of the lowblooded warriors.
  • High-Bloods treat any arcane spells as being one level higher than normal.
  • High-Bloods are also trained to use their natural weapons; Claw – d4 and Bite – d6.
  • High Bloods also recieve a +2 bonus to any one knowledge skill.

In addition to those listed above, both high and low bloods may select one of the following Racial Traits

  • Camouflage: These Kosstrix have scales that adjust to their surroundings slightly. Though not as much as a chameleon, this trait provides the Kosstrix with a +4 Bonus to Stealth.
  • Aquatic: These Kosstrix are born and raised near a source of water, either a lake, river or ocean. They receive a swim speed of of 40 feet and can hold their breath 4 times longer than normal.
  • Desert Dweller: These Kosstrix are raised in the deserts or badlands, and are adept at burrowing into the earth. These Kosstrix receive a burrowing speed of 20 feet.
  • Jungle Born: These Kosstrix are the most common, found deep in uncharted jungles of the west. These Kosstrix receive the rangers favored terrain (Jungle) trait.
  • Mountain Climber: These Kosstrix are born high up in the mountains and as a result gain a climb speed of 30 feet.
  • Draconic Bloodline: These Kosstrix can trace their ancestry back to a dragon of some type, or at least they claim to do so. These Kosstrix gain a breath weapon associated with a chromatic dragon that they can use once a day. The damage increases by 1d6 every 3 levels after first.

High-Blood: High-Bloods are a group of Kosstrix that display a strong connection their their draconian heritage, as a result they are placed and trained into positions of leadership and receive a higher level of learning than their brothers and sisters.


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