The Ixenian, or Ixian’s as they are more commonly called, were a group of humans that were cast out, shunned, or left the religious rule of the Edarian empire about two hundred years before the war with the Blackthorn Orcs. Ixians are a loosely allied group of humans in the south that, in place of gods and magic, have studied science in its place. Ixia is currently the most technologically advanced country in Edar, and have had a uneasy trade alliance with their orcish neighbors and the Constroid for several dozen years now.

Nation Traits

Ixenian’s of any race may take one of the following Guilds as a Nation Trait. Each Guild has an Apprentice, Journeyman and Master level ability that the character gains at the appropriate level. Characters gain +1 Rank at levels 1, 5 and 10 to advance in a guild of their choosing. For example; A character may be a member of three different guilds, but will be an apprentice only. They may be an apprentice in one guild, and a journeyman in another, or the may be a master of a single guild.

  • Member of the Adventures Guild: The Adventures Guild is one of the largest guilds in Ixenia, and there are branches of the guild scattered all over the world. The Adventure’s Guild is named after The Oroboros, the snake that eats itself. Guild members are of all shapes and sizes, and are just as often mercenaries, explorers and would be heroes.
  1. Apprentice Members of the Adventures Guild add their Hit Dice on Knowledge(Dungeoneering) and Knowledge(Local) Skill checks due to their training on dungeon survival skills and information gathering skills.
  2. Journeyman Members of the Adventures Guild are veterans of the field, and have proven they can survive any challenge. Because of this Journeymen gain the ability “Rally” As a Move Action the hero may regenerate 10% of their total hit points. They gain a +1 AC, +1 Dodge, and +1 Enchantment Bonus to Armor Class for 1 round after using this ability. This ability may be used once a day and may only be activated when the hero is brought to or below zero hit points.
  3. Master Members of the Adventures Guild gain a Feat a Bonus Feat, they must still meet the requirements, if any. In addition They gain an additional use of the “Rally” ability per day.
  • Member of the Traders Guild: The traders Guild is the largest guild in Ixenia, and as a result owns, or has their hands in everything that happens in the state it controls, and others. Members of the traders guild can be simple shop-keepers, traveling traders or big business owners and partners.
  1. Apprentice Members of the Traders Guild receive their Hit Dice as a bonus to Appraise Skill Checks. In Addition each day a member of the traders guild gains a number of gold pieces equal to their total ranks in Appraise.
  2. Journeyman Members of the Traders Guild gain the ability to buy and sell stock. A character may take out a loan from the guild to advance their own endeavors. Only one loan may be taken out at a time, until said loan is paid back in full. The character may borrow a number of gold pieces equal to their Hit Dice x 1000. The Loan is taken out with interest, adding 100gp per 1000 borrowed. (A level 5 character may borrow up to 5000gp. But owes the guild 5500gp in return.) Debts that go unpaid may result in harsh action by the guild, be advised.
  3. Master Members of the Traders Guild have proven their worth in the business world, and often own a great deal of wealth. Master Traders gain the ability to “order” goods from other members of the traders guild at a discount of %25, and to sell to the guild at a %10 mark up from base price. This allows the Master Trader purchase or sell items directly to the DM or Handbooks and have those items shipped to their destinations.
  • Member of the Arcanists Guild: The arcanist Guild is a guild for people who study the arcane mysteries. Wizards are the most common members, however others walk the halls as well. The Arcanists Guild is more accurately a school or university than a normal guild.
  1. Apprentice Members of the Arcanists Guild gain their Hit Dice to all Knowledge(Arcana) Skill Checks. In addition they also gain access to the sorcerer/wizard cantrips. If they already have Cantrips, or Orisons they instead gain one additional spell per day of first level spells.
  2. Journeymen Members of the Arcanists Guild gain the ability to cast one spell of their choice, of third level or lower, as a spell-like ability. This spell must be of an arcane nature. In addition spell casters gain an additional spell known of each spell level they can perform.
  3. Master Members of the Arcanists Guild have tested themselves and studied the arts of the arcane more than most. Because of this effort and dedication Masters gain any spell of their choice that is of an arcane nature, and is also of level 5 or lower, as a spell-like ability once a day. In addition, spell casters gain one addition spell per day of each level they can perform.
  • Member of the Crafters Guild: The Crafters Guild is one of the most diverse guilds Ixenia has to offer. Consisting of a collaboration of dozens and dozens of smaller trades guilds the members of the Crafters Guild make up most of the working class, and the rare aspiring inventor.
  1. Apprentice Members of the Crafters Guild gain a bonus in any one crafting skill equal to their hit dice. They also gain half their hit dice, rounded up, to Knowledge(Engineering) and Appraise skill checks made to examine or study systems related to their craft. In addition Apprentice Crafters gain %10 in profits when selling their craft and always buy supplies at base cost.
  2. Journeymen Members of the Crafters Guild reduce the time it takes for them to craft their craft in half. Any other ability that reduces the time taken to crafting items may only reduce the time to at least %25. (Thus a journeyman crafter with the Master Crafter Feat only reduces their time to %25, instead of 0) In Addition when a Journeyman Crafter uses any item creation feat they reduce the time needed and the cost of supplies by an additional %5.
  3. Master Members of the Crafters Guild are masters of their trade, and are often sought out by new apprentices to be trained. Master Crafters are considered to have the feat “Craft Wondrous Item” if they do not already, and may select any one Item Creation Feat of their choice using their hit dice in place of caster levels. They must meet any other per-requisit.
  • Member of the Warriors Guild: The Warriors Guild is actually made up of dozens of smaller guilds dedicated to both strength of arms, martial arts and athletics. Most members consider themselves rivals and competitors as well as brothers and sisters, no matter which smaller guild their hail from.
  1. Apprentice Members of the Warriors Guild gain a bonus to Acrobatics, and Intimidate equal to half their hit dice, rounded up. In addition they also gain +1 Hit Point per level.
  2. Journeyman Members of the Warriors Guild gain a Fighter Bonus Feat of their choice. They must meet any requirments still, but count as fighters of their current hit dice for the purpose of select feats.
  3. Master Members of the Warriors Guild have tested their might against many challengers and proven themselves one of the best. Because of the renown Masters of the Warriors Guild are often hounded by those wishing to learn from the best. They gain the Leadership Feat for free with the restriction that at least half, rounded up, of their cohorts levels must be the same as their own class levels. Multiclass characters cohorts must select the class that the player character has the most hit dice in.
  • Member of the Thieves Guild: The Thieves Guild is hidden in the shadows. Many believe that all the crime in Ixenia is tied to a single guild that pulls the strings. However it is managed members of this guild represent those found in a organized crime group of anything from pick-pockets, burglars, and even assassins.
  1. Apprentice Members of the Thieves Guild gain their hit dice in Stealth checks, and half their hit dice, rounded up, towards Slight of Hand and Disable Device skill checks.
  2. Journeyman Members of the Thieves Guild gain the ability “Utility Belt” Once a day the character may reach into their utility belt, pocket, pouch or pack and withdraw a single mundane item. This item can be a simple weapon, but cannot be a shield or armor. In addition Journeymen gain the ability “Backup” Once a day the character may summon a total of hit dice in Expert class levels equal to their own. These NPC’s have max hit points, and all their ability scores are 10. These NPC’s return to their lives at the end of the day, if not dismissed sooner.
  3. Master Members of the Thieves Guild are artists of their trade, and high ranking members of their order. Master Members gain the ability to cast Vanish as a spell-like ability once a day. In addition they may summon twice their hit dice in Experts a day, and they need not all be called at the same time. In addition these Experts have the Rogue Sneak Attack Ability equivalent to their Hit Dice.
  • Member of the Wardens Guild: The Wardens guild is also known as The Order of the White Stag. It consist of druids and rangers, as well as simple woodsmen and hunters who work toward keeping Ixenia from over-stepping or destroying nature in its rise to power.
  1. Apprentice Members of the Wardens Guild gain their hit dice as a bonus to Knowledge(Nature) and half that rounded up to Survival skill checks. In addition they also gain Track- as a ranger. If they already possess Track they then gain their full survival skill check towards it instead.
  2. Journeymen Members of the Wardens Guild gain the ability to cast the spells Animal Messanger, and Animal Aspect once a day as spell-like abilities.
  3. Master Members of the Wardens Guild have spent a great deal of time wandering and protecting the land. As a result they gain a Favored Terrain- of their choice, using their current hit dice as if they were Ranger Levels. They also gain a Favored Enemy- of their choice,again using their class levels as if they were ranger levels.
  • Member of a Minor Guild: There are many guilds in Ixenia that may not fall under the larger guilds, these are considered minor guilds, or specialist guilds. These guilds don’t posses the unique benefits of the major guilds, but still provide a welcome bonus.
  1. Apprentices of a Minor Guild gain their Hit Dice as a bonus to any one Skill of their choice. They may also re-roll any dice roll once a day, and take the higher number.
  2. Journeymen of a Minor Guild gain a bonus feat of their choice. They must still meet any per-requisits.
  3. Masters of a Minor Guild gain the ability to cast any spell of third level or lower as a spell-like ability once a day.

The people of Ixenia once belonged to the nation of Edar, but through several conflicts; war, religion, advancement of technology and traditions, left their nation in a mass exodus and headed south. Nestling into the coast and spreading out the people formed guilds and with them settlements of their own, eventually establishing the network of city states that makes up the nation.
Ixenia spent a great deal of time and effort finding their new selves after settling into their new lands. Guilds began teaching very different lessons and ideas on how to live life. All, however, shared the theme of a lack of religion, and an advancement of scientific study. In a very short amount of time Ixenia became a leader in discovery and technology, advancing greatly past most other groups in the world. Already leagues ahead of the other nations, the awakening and alliance with the Constroid sent their technology rocketing. Now Ixenia boasts the most advance technology in the world, and mass produces a great number of goods. Truth be told, however, that these goods are of mediocre quality.
Each city state is very different from the others, and as a result there is no easy way to sum up the culture of Ixenia as a whole. However, it would be accurate to say that most Ixenians passionately guard their freedom, and pridefully view themselves as a superior group.


Favored Class

  • Alchemist: Add one extract formula from the alchemist formula list to the character’s formula book. This formula must be at least one level below the highest formula level the alchemist can create.
    The inquisitive minds of the Ixians often draw them into schools of study that blend magic and technology, and nothing mixes better than an alchemist.
  • Wizard: Add one spell from the wizard spell list to the wizard’s spellbook. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the wizard can cast.
    Although the Ixian people cast aside the divine they still have a deep rooted facination with magic, and how it works. Many Ixians study magic, and blend it with technology.
  • Gunslinger: Add +1/4 point to the gunslinger’s grit points.
    Not all Ixians want to study and do research. Some just want to use the technology they have to be better warriors. The best warriors in Ixenia are gunslingers, and this fact frightens the other nations.


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