The Edaran people once controlled the majority of the main continent. However, their near endless battles with themselves, the orcs and the other beast races of Edar have finally cost them dearly. Pushed back to the north west, and controlling only one city, Whitemantle, and a small amount of territory, the religious humans have walled themselves in, and are licking their wounds waiting for the day they can push back the darkness, and enact their divine vengeance.
Only Humans may take Edarian Nation Traits, but Vaekin of the Elemental, Gossamer, Emotion and Dream Path who are also part of the Summer Court may be considered Edarian.

Nation Trait

Edarians choose one of the following Blessings and a Church as their Nation Traits Each Blessing gives the character a domain and its powers.


The Edarian people once ruled over the land, battling the monsters that tried to, at all times, snuff out the light. The oldest records of the Edarian people date back just under 1000 years, and in that, comparatively, short time they grew and built so much. The landscape of Edar is dotted by old settlements, fortresses and churches built by these very religious people.
Recently, however, Edaria had overstretched its arm, and was overpowered by the combined efforts of the Vyth’Ghik and Usk’Ghik, the Kosstrix, Rythos, Throden and what would become the Ixan people. Though it should be noted that none of these forces had joined offically and instead were all fighting Edar on seperate fronts. After a long and bitter defeat at the hands of the orc Kurth Blackthorne and his Vyth’Ghik, Edaria was pushed back into the city, Whitemantle, and its surrounding area.
Despite their massive loss, the Edarian people are still faithful, and probably more-so than ever. Most, if not all of them, are driven by the idea that they are the last, flicking light in a dark world. It is they who will, blessed by the Five Archangels, push back the darkness and retake their rightful place in the world. The people go through a fairly disciplined schooling system, in which they are taught to emulate one of the five Archangels, pray, give thanks, and worship. Generally the Edarians believe that their fate is their own, but that there are a few things, tests of fate, that are destined to happen no matter what.
A typical day is started with prayer and rituals dedicated to one of the angels. Men and women go to work, or school and at noon a second prayer is uttered by all, no matter which church one belongs to. Finally, before bed a third prayer is spoken, however this one is dedicated to keeping the Archdemons at bay while they sleep. Edaria is technologically more advanced than many, but is reluctant of more advanced technology like that of Ixia. Men and women are, generally, treated equally, however, men do take the majority of positions of power. The female Archangel’s were both supportive in their roles in the war, and because of this, often seen as behind the male Archangels in importance.

The Churches

There are five churches that the Edarian people follow, attend, and worship. Each church is dedicated to one of the five Archangels who, according to the scriptures, once lead the humans in a war against the demons that wanted to rule the world. Each Archangel represents one of the five elements and with it, symbolizes a way that people should live. However, during the civil war the Ixians attempted to convince the Edarians that the scriptures were wrong, and that the Archangels were mortals who lead the humans against both demons and angels. Edaria and the churches take great pains to reduce any talk that may deviate from the scriptures, in an attempt to snuff out any other civil war, and to save the misguided.

  • Apiel The Archangel of Air: Domains of Air, Knowledge, Runes, and Weather Air is everywhere, but rarely remembered or felt until it needs to be. It is privy to all words spoken in whisper or shout. It learns of things many may have forgotten, and in such has a greater understanding of the workings of the world as a whole. Characters that are part of the Church of Apiel recieve a +1 Morale Bonus on Linguistics, Stealth, Knowledge(History, Local, Arcane) checks. Apiel’s champions are Divine Hunters Her favorite weapon is the Bow.
    Apiel is the Archangel of Air, and with it she symbolizes grace, subtlety, freedom and dreams both big and small. Apiel was often times overlooked by her peers, as she seemed to care little for the war and its effects. However, it was quite the opposite. Apiel knew that there was much to worry about, but felt that getting stressed was the worst thing to do. She, like the winds she commanded, let it all blow by her, aware of it, but not letting it move her. She was in fact concerned, but not about the winning or losing the war itself, but how it was and would effecting other things, like the land and its people.
    Although Apiel was calm and peaceful at most times, she would sometimes lash out with the fury of a terrible storm and the force of a hurricane. Apiel teaches her followers to be calm, and go with the breeze. Her most famous quote being “Do not pursue wealth for its own sake, but for what it allows you to do. Do not master the arts of war for power, but to earn the glories of victory. Do not study to be more learned, but to have a better understanding of the world.”
  • Roris The Archangel of Fire: Domains of Fire, Glory, Sun and Charm Fire is many things. It can be warmth, light, and life, or it can be destructive, choking and deadly. Fire is always seen, and is always the life of the party. It is strong, and proud, and stammeringly attractive. Characters that are members of the Church of Roris receive a +1 Morale Bonus on Athletics, Acrobatics, Diplomacy, and Intimidate. The Champions of Roris are Paladins without an Archtype. His favorite weapon is the Great Sword
    Roris, the Archangel of Fire is the self appointed leader of the forces of Heaven. Arguably the most powerful, Roris lead his forces from the Heavens to Edar to fight back the darkness and save mankind. Roris teaches his followers that passion is the key to life, and without it one is not truly living. Motion is life, and those who no longer move and feel, are no longer living.
    In the war Roris lead many battles, sometimes the only one to return and always in victory. Pushing and inspiring his comrades to fight to the death, not for themselves, but for the things they loved back home. Roris always burned brightly, and in doing so often burned himself out. He teaches his followers to do the same however, to love ultimately, to hate with the fury of the sun, and to act with everything you have. No deed is to small, and no task to large that one with passion cannot accomplish. Few can match the level of faith and devotion of the followers of Roris, and few can stay so close to the flames without burning to ash, or being consumed by them and embowered.
  • Omrer The Archangel of Earth: Domains of Earth, Artifice, Protection and Law The earth is the foundation of everything. With it the people craft their homes, arms, armor from it they learn that nothing but stone can endure the passage of time, and that all things are connected by the earth. Characters in the Church of Omrer receive a +1 Morale bonus to Perception, Craft, Knowledge(Engineering, Geography, Dungeoneering ). The champions of Omrer are Sacred Shields and his favorite weapon is the War-hammer.
    Omrer the Archangel of earth is the most stubborn but ingenious of the archangels. Although Roris convinced Omrer to follow him to battle, Omrer was reluctant, believing that they should wait and watch to study the demons, and the humans. However, consumed by Roris fire he too followed the other Archangels to war. Lucky for them as well, since in their first battle with the demons they were quickly overcome. However, Omrer was prepared with reinforcements made from the earth who returned to them the upper hand. It was Omrer that constructed the arms and armor, and fortresses for the humans to give them an edge in fighting the demons back and through his personal instruction, did they learn to defend themselves and endure wave after wave of horrors.
    Omrer teaches his followers the importance of study, and tradition. Tradition is everything, because it is a time-tested method for doing something that works. He teaches them to build to last, and that the best materials and goods are those worked by your own hand. His followers act as the foundation of their people, and express the importance of their traditions, rituals and study. It is often said that Roris and his followers are the unstoppable force, while Omrer and his followers are the immovable objects. Omrer often would say “In the hands of a skilled crafter stone can be broken, or ore refined. Never stop trying to understand things and improve, but be careful of new ideas, less they cause land-slide.”
  • Aziel The Archangel of Water: Domains of Water, Luck, Travel and Trickery Water is always changing, and moving. It finds its way through the smallest cracks to bring life wherever it goes and seeks to understand and probe at its surrounding. Characters who are part of the Church of Aziel recieve a +1 Morale Bonus on Apprise, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Knowledge(Religion, Planes). Aziel’s champions are Holy Tacticians Her favorite weapon is the Spear.
    Aziel the Archangel of water is, perhaps, the most inquisitive and flippant of the Archangels. Always changing her mood, style, and plans, Aziel was the most difficult Archangel to deal with. Like the sea itself, she could be calm, beautiful and bountiful one minute, but raging, terrifying and desolate the next. Aziel and her sister Apiel were often seen as total opposite, but at the same time, very similar. Aziel, like her sister, went everywhere gathering knowledge and understanding, but unlike her sister, Aziel wanted material things and knowledge that would make her better than others. Her curiosity often would lead her to trouble, but she was adept as getting out of it with her guile. During the war Aziel’s understanding was put to use as an adviser to Omrer and Roris’ plans and eventually took to Roris’ side as his tactician.
    She teachers her followers to seek out understanding of things, and to probe at life to find answers. Always ask questions, even if they do not seem to have answers. She teachers her followers to change things up and that failure is not an option. If one plan does not work, adapt, change, and try another. Followers of Aziel are problem solvers, and advisers. Helping the people navigate through trouble, like a ship captain through the ocean. She is quoted “Life is always changing and likewise so should you. Always question, always seek to understand. No challenge is impossible if you put your mind to it.”
  • Bzuler The Archangel of Wood: Domains of Plant, Healing, Comunity and Liberation Wood is life, and growth. It may be slow like an oak tree, or quick like a weed, but it never stops growing. Plant life is all around, and is arguably the first step for others to grow. Where it grows, so to do others and all these things are connected. Although it is easily shaped, it always finds a way. Characters who are part of the Church of Bzuler receive a +1 Morale Bonus to Heal, Survival, Handle Animal, Knowledge(Nature) and Sense Motive. Champions of Bzuler are Holy Guides, and his favorite weapon is the Battle Axe.
    Bzuler the Archangel of Wood is also known as the gardener. He is soft spoken, caring, and empathetic. It is often debated who was more handsome; Bzuler or Roris. Bzuler is as beautiful as any flower, and often seen as just as delicate. Bzuler did not want to fight in the war, and believed that it was better if they simply guided the humans and intervened only in special situations. Bzuler aided the war effort by repairing the damage caused by the demons, both to the land and to the people. He taught them how to defend themselves, take care of themselves and others and to be empathetic and understanding. In addition, contrary to the beliefs of the other angels, he taught his followers that they were not to rely on the aid of the Heavens forever, and that, ultimately, it was up to them to grow and learn to do things for themselves. Finally he teaches them that life is precious, and that they should seek out the pleasures of the world and experience as much as they can before they die. His quote is “Every moment of every day is an opportunity to grow mentally, physically, or spiritually. Go where life takes you, and enjoy it while it lasts.”:
    Bzuler, and his teachings, is often seen as the reason the too-be Ixians rebelled and left the empire. Though many of the followers of Bzuler would eventually join the rebellion, many still remains. They attempt to teach, and guide the younger generations in all manner of things. In addition, some followers of Bzuler have taken it upon themselves to be gardener, and weed their garden of any corruption and because of this rangers and inquisitors are common in the church.

In opposition to the Five Archangels there are also Five Archdevils who represent the opposite, or extensiveness of each of the Archangels teaching. These devils lead the armies of darkness in the war in an attempt to enslave humanity.

  • Svern’Miirik the Archdevil of Smoke:
  • Vorel’Thurkear the Archdevil of Ash:
  • Aurix’Oth the Archdevil of Oil:
  • Aussir’Molik the Archdevil of Ice:
  • Litrix’Svent the Archdevil of Rot:

Favored Class

  • Paladin: Add +1 to the paladin’s energy resistance to one kind of energy (maximum +10 per kind).
    The Paladin is a champion of their lord, and is the perfect warrior class for the zealous Edarian people. Paladins often choose to master the favored weapon of their church.
  • Cleric: Add a +1 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome the spell resistance of outsiders.
    If the Paladin is the sword of the Archangels, than the Cleric is the shield. Inspirational symbols and avatars of their Archangel, Clerics are often seen out in the world spreading the word and guardian the common folk from the nightmares of the world.
  • Inquisitor: Add one spell known from the inquisitor spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the inquisitor can cast.
    Edarian inquisitors are often unseen, but are always feared and respected. Unlike the flashiness of the paladin, and the shining light of the cleric, the inquisitors prefer to stay silent, hunting enemies of the church, and rooting out evil before it has chance to bare fruit.


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