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The people of Aesthyr were originally gathered by the dragon Litrix’Svent after their homes had been destroyed by another dragon, a red known as Kathend. At some point, during the destruction of Kathend, Litrix’Svent found a cave full of strange creatures he called Baeshra. Over the many years the Baeshra have evolved into a manner of different creatures based on the types of food they eat. Not only that, but they have bonded strongly with the sentient races of Aesthyr, and Baeshra have become an extremely intricate part of the nations development.

Members of the Aesthyr may select one of the following Nation Traits

  • Baeshra Companion: The people of Aesthyr all have one or two baeshra that they own as either a pet, guardian, or work partner. This trait gives the character one of the following Baeshra as an animal companion as if they were a Ranger. (Base HD -3. This means that the baeshra companion does not advance until the player reaches level 5) If they already recieve an animal companion for being a druid the druid may select a Baeshra, in which case treat the companion as it it were one hit die higher than the druid.
    Baeshra Template: This template may be applied to any animal, turning them into a monsterous version of their base species. All Baeshra Have a tough hide, sometimes plated with spines, or scales of bone for extra protection. Because of this Baeshra receive a +4 Natural AC bonus. Baeshra are, for the most part, more intelligent and more powerful than their counterparts, and receive a +2 Intelligence Bonus and Strength Bonus. Finally all Baeshra have the ability to grow into a dire form. When the Baeshra gains 8 hit dice they also gain the Dire Template.
    The most common Baeshra types are Kos’gix (Wolf), Veri’ner(Snake, Venomus), Hurthi ( Giant Tortoise), Vhir’edar (Giant Scorpion) and Edar’gix (Eagle)
  • Sun-Kissed: As many of the people who live in the nation of Aesthyr live in the center of a large desert, many of them have adapted to the hard condition. These people gain 5 Fire Resistance, and gain a +5 Racial Bonus to checks to resist the effects of extreme heat, lack of water, or exhaustion.
  • Golden Lord: Living with one of the only known living dragons has made some of the people of Aesthyr feel that nothing can harm them, or that nothing can scare them wether because they have just adapted to the sight of their lord, or that they feel his golden radiance wherever they are. They gain a +5 Racial Bonus against Fear effects, and may may an second save one round later after failing any mind effecting effects to shake it off.
  • Dragonborn: Over the many years the dragon-lord Litrix’Svent has had dozens of companions and partners. A person with this trait just so happens to be the offspring of one of these pairings. Their hair or eyes are always a abnormally golden color, and their aura is powerful and noticeable. These dragonborn gain the ability to assume draconic features of their father. As a full round action the character grows claws, fangs, and scales. Giving them a +2 Strength, and Constitution, and a +2 Natural Armor Bonus. They also gain a bite attack (d4) and two claw attacks (d4) This ability can be used once a day, and lasts a number of rounds equal to the characters Hit Dice + 6. When the character reaches ten hit dice the damage step on their natural attacks increases by one, their attacks are considered +2 weapons for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction, and their strength, constitution and armor increase by two.


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