A handheld hexagon multimedia device.


This handheld device has the letters H.O.M.E engraved in the bottom. It is ringed with other symbols, Draconian lettering, that read “Your Other Perfect Assistant”
The device itself flips open to reveal two smooth black glass surfaces. Each protecting the contents of a keyboard and a screen.
The device has many options, though some are unavailable at the moment. These include

Holo-recorder – offline
Video-player/recorder – offline
Note-to-Self – offline
Calander/Dateplanner – offline
Clock – offline
Black-Book – offline
Music Player
Library – offline

Since our heroes cleared out the underground lab where they found ATMA, the device has since been equiped with an, AI known as MUSE. Muse had been left alone for 1000 years and had since lost her artifical mind, however, with a little work and an accident, Muse has regained her old self, however, has been split in two.

Now two muses, called Muse Red and Muse Blue, exist. While Muse Blue remains within the HOME, tied to its Hearthstone, Muse Red has attached herself to a Vaekok, or fey soul stone. The resulting energies tweeking her personality to a more extreme and flirtatious manner that opposes Muse Blue’s logical, and calculated manner.



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