Olivia Dawnbringer

Last surviving Dawnbringer


Olivia stands tall and thin at an even six feet, weighing about 160lbs. Her dark hair is long and often times left free and messy, other times she ties it back in a simple pony tail. Blessed by Roris Olivia is considered very beautiful among her people, though rough around the edges as she is rather messy and cares little about her appearance. Not enjoying her generations new sense of style Olivia dresses in mens clothes, and refuses to use make-up.
All of Olivia’s martial training, excersise and fighting has given her a fit body with little curve. Olivia has several scars along her arms and hands from her reckless fighting style at an early age. Thankfully because of it she takes better care in battle.


Olivia was the only child of the Dawnbringer family. She grew up with wealth, and loving parents, treated like a princess in her early childhood. Being a Dawnbringer though meant that she was expected to join the Champions of Roris, the Edarians Paladins of Fire, like her father. Because of this Olivia was introduced to lessons in acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, archery, speechcraft, dance and music. Through her childhood she studied and excelled at everything she did. Just entering her teenage years Olivia was devastated at the news of her fathers death, but not so much as her mother, who began to fade away herself before eventually passing as well.

The deaths of her parents pushed Olivia to act out and rebel against everything she had been taught after going through a period of depression. Olivia spent her teenage years experiencing life to its fullest, with parties, drugs, sex and violence. As her family’s financial situation began to crumble Olivia did little to help it, believing that she would join her parents soon enough anyway. It wasn’t until after several years of this did Olivia’s childhood friend, and servant of the family lashed out at her, feeling that all his talking and consoling was useless against Olivia’s barbarian ways. After getting her ass thoroughly kicked by Dorian Emberwald who had been training himself to join the Champions of Aziel, the Paladins of Air, Olivia went to her old mentor, Amor Hybare to resume her training.

Having turned her life around, Olivia was filled with a new sense of direction, but faced with her family’s financial situation she was about to loose her home. Dorian offered to take over in setting everything right again, but advised Olivia that they would need even more income to repair the house, and keep their land and home. Olivia, being reckless, decided to go on an adventure, and having heard about the Giants Keep to the west, left to plunder it for riches with Dorian and his younger sister Lilith leaving Dorians elderly parents to watch over their homes.

Olivia Dawnbringer

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